Counter Roll-Up Doors are a small version of a standard roll-up door.  They incorporate the same rugged construction for durability and security, easy to operate and come in variety of configurations and styles.

Countertop roll-up doors stow away in a cylindrical canister when open, minimizing overhead interference. Rolling Gate Manhattan- Commercial Door Company offers a variety of options, colors, materials and ergonomics that can be installed to accommodate almost any commercial countertop application.

Installing countertop security doors often requires quick installation and perfect construction timing to minimize disruption of business.  Commercial Door Company is sensitive to these concerns.  Rolling Gate Manhattan works closely with the customer to insure a minimal impact on surrounding environment and business activity.

Counter Roll Up Door

A variety of smart, versatile and stylish solutions to satisfy a variety of commercial, retail, corporate and professional applications.

Integral Frame & Sill Rolling Counter Doors

Versatile and stylish solutions to satisfy a variety of commercial, retail, corporate and professional applications.

Fire-Rated Counter Doors

Common applications include factories, schools, concessions, hospitals, cafeterias and retail settings. These doors are made to expand upward in a fire, allowing the guides to be installed flush with the sill. Their compact, box-like form also provides an attractive finished appearance that requires minimum sideroom.


Secure openings above counters and other similar finished openings on interior and exterior walls. These doors can also be used for smaller door openings and close to the floor when the more compact door components are required.


Aluminum Counter Roll-Up Doors are specifically manufactured to fit openings that are too small for a regular Aluminum Roll-Up Door, or openings that are designed to be counter. They can also meet a diversity of commercial and institutional application requirements. Doors can be obtained in anodized or powder coated aluminum, and can be motor, chain hoist, crank or manually operated. Some possible applications include, but are not limited to, hospital counters, pass windows at kitchens, cafeterias, post office windows, ticket offices,and check rooms.

  • Aluminum counter shutters
  • Overhead doors shutters
  • Wood rolling counter shutters
  • Counter shutter doors
  • Counter shutters & rolling shutters
  • Insulated counter shutters


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