Roll-Up Doors are made up of multiple slats, typically 2-3” in height. The total height of the roll-up door is increased by connecting multiple slates for the desired height requirement. Widths are custom cut to the door width requirement.

When the door is open the slats roll up into a roll and store inside a barrel enclosure that incorporates a spring.  This roll-up barrel mounts to the wall above the door opening.  The advantage for this type of roll up gate/door is the interior overhead access is not lost when the door is open.  Small window slat portals are optional to gain visibility from the inside looking out to see when truck or people are outside the door.  Insulated slats are also available.

We at Rolling Gate Manhattan installs, repairs and services all types and brands of roll-up doors. Whether new or old, if you’ve got a door problem give us a call.

We install and repair roll-up doors of all makes, models, and sizes. Commercial and residential sectional and rolling steel doors and openers, as well as security and parking gates.

We can help you choose the right material for the door for your business. Aesthetics is clearly an important component It’s important for any of these areas to look as attractive as possible. The right roll-up door can help you achieve this goal.

When it comes to your business, appearances are everything. It’s important for your clients to feel at home when they visit. In fact, one of the first things people may notice about your company is how it looks on the outside.

Other services we can provide is to make any repairs to your roll-up doors. These may be necessary after many years of use and exposure to the elements. We have the tools and expertise to do any job.

Roll-Up Doors

Roll-Up DoorsElectric Gate Repair
Rolling Gate Manhattan specializes in the repair and service of electric gates, automatic gates, motorized gates and remote controlled gates. We are authorized and approved by all major brands to perform, maintain, service and install electric gate openers, telephone entry systems and accessories.

Rolling Gate Manhattan NYC treats each repair as a unique case and consults sometimes more than once with the owner to choose the best repair option.  Depending on the age and cycle count for the gate, numerous times it is better to replace and old opener in comparison to a repair, but that will remain a decision for the owner in this buisness.  The point being that we want our customers to get the best value for the dollar, not to mention the longest durability and best safety. As technology evolves, new equipment can often cost less than the continual repair of an older system.

Automatic Gate Service
In commercial application the best solution for reliable gate operation is to schedule regular service checks to insure the integrity of the gate and operator.  This kind of check will inspect wheels, bearings, arms, chains, rollers, motor, lubrication and condition of all gate moving parts. This extensive gate inspection and tune up can prevent surprise problems that could otherwise significantly impair the flow of your business operation. Regularly scheduled maintenance will also extend the life of your equipment, minimize down-time and overall operation cost in the long run.

We can also implement the right type of security devices. Once the doors are installed, this can provide an added peace of mind and allow you to feel secure in your business. The last thing you want to worry about is the potential of theft or vandalism to your property, which means having the right security in place.