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Rolling Gate Manhattan has a large and versatile fleet of well equipped trucks capable of making on-the-spot repairs in order to minimize multiple repair trips and repair costs for our customers.

Gate Service:

Gate service is a highly unique and complicated field with dozens of brands of electric operators and actuators.  Your best bet is to hire a buisness that is not only has licensed electricians to insure your system installs in compliance with your local city code, but in addition, finding a company that has the equipment to build or repair steel or iron gates with the right experience is also extremely necesarry. Because few companies actually possess this experience that includes the knowledge to find replacement parts specific to your gate installation as well, Rolling Gate Manhattan NY is the clearly the correct buisness to hire! We not only have extensive experience servicing and repairing gates, but we can also fabricate and install almost any kind of new commercial gate you might need. We are working with door companies in NYC for example: Manhattan Doors, to provide you with the best service. We carry almost all the sizes of standard gates, so rest assured that we can handle your specific gate issue with ease, whether the gate at hand is a swinging gate, a sliding gate, a rolling gate, a cantilever gate or even a simple arm gate,  our technitians work to the best of their utmost ability to please our customers to the fullest extent. We promise, therefore, that you will be no different! Our experienced technicians are ready to help you with your specific needs right now, so just give Rolling Gate Manhattan NYC a call for a quick quote.

gate after new installation

Rolling Gate NYC

gate before new installation

Rolling Gate NYC Repair

This gate looked so good after the new installation, it was hard to believe it’s the same place, the owner of the place was very pleased with the results.

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