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Rolling Gates

Rolling Gate Manhattan offers quality installation of rolling gates to secure your business. We know that business owners in NYC spend months, even years, planning every detail for the inside of their business, down to the perfect light bulb, yet they sometimes overlook the most important part—protecting what they’ve built.

Choosing a stable, secure gate system—whether horizontal or vertical, with see-through grates or solid construction—is one of the most important decisions you’ll make for your NYC business.

Here are some of the options we offer at Rolling Gate Manhattan:


Used to protect businesses all across the city, from shopping mall storefronts to loading docks, aluminum grilles and security gates offer versatile protection and can be configured for straightforward protection or for design and style.

At Rolling Gate Manhattan, we’re experts at installing and repairing rolling gates, and are available 24/7 so you don’t lose sleep over protecting your business.

Rolling Gates

Security Gates:

  • Often used for entrances of parking garages, parking structures, and other open areas in need of protection
  • Can include optional extras for access, like card readers, barrier arms, and loop detectors
  • Constructed with rod-and-link patterns

Solid Gates:

Just as it sounds, solid curtain gates are solid, not see-through. They completely enclose the storefront of your business for privacy and protection in the off-hours. 

  • Sturdy, to withstand heavy winds and rain
  • Great for businesses where there is little sidewalk traffic, and no goods to show off
  • Can be made of galvanized steel, aluminum, or stainless steel to fit the building’s exterior
  • Bottom bar for secure fastening
  • Locks at bottom and sides to prevent movement in all directions

Grille Gates:

This option combines the pull-down design of a solid curtain gate and the see-through characteristics of an aluminum rolling gate. 

  • Locks and bottom and sides to prevent movement
  • Bottom bar for secure fastening
  • Allows for air, daylight, and visibility
  • Rod-and-link pattern with stainless steel or aluminum

Aluminum Grilles:

  • Bring in daylight and ventilation
  • Allow you to show off your products after business hours
  • Often used for shopping mall storefronts because they’re more inviting and pleasing to the eye
  • Sturdy construction, with aluminum rod-and-link patterns
  • Can be motorized or non-motorized
  • No risk of graffiti artists using it as their canvas

Countertop Gates:

Designed for businesses with a pass-thru window—such as service counters, cafeterias, and concession stands—Countertop Shutters protect small openings with a compact gate that’s easy to lift and lower.

  • Can be made of extruded aluminum, roll-formed steel, or stainless steel to match the exterior of the building
  • Rolls upward for easy operation, either by hand, with a crank, or with a motorized system
  • Interlocking slats
  • Secure locking mechanisms
  • Good for locking up indoor concession storefronts
Rolling Gates

Countertop Shutter